My Story

Hi and welcome to my site.  I am a mixed media encaustic artist and creative soul igniter. Encaustic is the ancient art form of painting with molten wax..yes, wax!  Before I explain in detail what encaustic is for those who do not know, let me tell you a little about my story...

For years, I was the fast burning candle....full of endless thoughts and unaware of the toll that being in a rush was taking on me.....until one day the candle burned out. Up until April 2015, I was working in the banking industry in finance as a technical accountant.

For many years I lived for the future - for the weekend. I had lots of fun and enjoyed my work most of the time but felt something was missing.  

15 years ago in a journey of healing and self discovery, I re-ignited my creative spirit and taught myself how to paint using online step by step lessons in acrylic painting. Eventually this led me to the path of mixed media and encaustic. 

I always was creative as a child....drawing, writing poetry and short stories, pottery, watercolour, jewellery making...I tried it all. When I saw art made with wax and layers upon layers of imagery and depth and texture, I knew when I took my workshop in encaustic that this medium was for me but had no idea this new found passion would turn into a profession.

12 years ago, I started making my own vision boards. For those who do not know what this is, it is a way to visually express your desires and dreams. On my vision board, I wrote "full time artist", "serenity" "family" - all the goals I had for my vision and my path in life. I am a strong believer in the power of intention.

Every day I would look at my vision board and I am happy to say all of those visions manifested! It's a sort of magic in this universe that you attract that which you focus it the law of attraction or just the power of intention and belief in oneself. I want to inspire and help people focus on their goals and dreams through art- let's go on this journey together. 

To get a deeper understanding of what my art means to me see  "my muses"

Experience An Encaustic Workshop

Today, I lead workshops in encaustic mixed media in my Toronto studio at the Distillery District, Second Door Studio. I will guide you from start to finish in making your own inspirational artwork.... whether you are a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, you will be amazed at what you can create....let's ignite your creativity and light your soul together.

Sometimes in life you need to slow down, to connect to your soul, to feed your creative hunger. 

I want to help others ignite their creative soul through art. I believe art is a form of meditation and is a means to creating incredible healing in your soul. You can be found while you get lost in the process of creation. Time just passes, your thoughts are put on hold and you enter a world of imagination and dreams...