Testimonials from my clients

"I arranged an evening of art with my girlfriends for one of my friends birthdays at Second Door Studio with Joya Paul. I was a bit nervous because I never thought of myself as an artist... I can’t even draw stick figures that resemble people!  With Joya’s guided assistance and her calming approach and relaxed teaching skills I was feeling confident and inspired. I was able to create a work of art that I am proud to hang on my wall.  Every time I look at my creation I can’t believe that I could make something so beautiful, it makes me feel that I can do anything.   I have an idea for my second piece, I am looking forward to other workshops"  Rose Casella

"This was a great party idea, my friends were so impressed and amazed that we are all artists!  Thank you Joya for sharing your beautiful talent and teachingus to become artists. "  Margaret Levin

 “My best friend organized a birthday party for me at Joya’s Second Door Studio  in the Distillery District. I had never heard of Encaustic Art before. The group of us were all a bit nervous and self conscious about making a piece of art in front of such a phenomenal artist, but we were soon put at ease by Joya’s tale of how she came to be an artist, followed her dream and inspired us all to make pieces we were proud to take home and display in our homes. It was one of the best birthday gifts I have ever been given. Joya is a natural teacher, she makes you feel confident and you cannot help feeling inspired when you look at all her beautiful pieces hanging in the studio. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a fun night of something different to do with your friends.” Tracy Thompson

"I knew nothing about encaustics or mixed media when I found Joya. Somehow I was DRAWN to this form of art.
I couldn't wait and got into it right away, doing everything Joya was teaching me. Every time she showed me how to enhance my piece or introduced a new approach, my mind was BLOWN away. I couldn't believe how easily something could be transformed and brought to life!
What an amazing way to create Beauty, express your uniqueness, and bring more Light and color into the world. 
I watched YouTube encaustic videos before going to my encaustics lessons, but Joya's lessons were so much more original, so much more flavorful, she exceeded all my expectations... the patience, the kindness, the infinite creativity this woman embodies is a pleasure (and inspiration) to be around! It's wonderful to meet someone who is true to their gift!
Thank you so much, Joya, for being such a wonderful teacher! Thank you for following your heart and paving the way for others to do the same...
I am so grateful you exist! Thank you for changing my world! "  Sasha Alexander

"I was very excited  to  attend this workshop, as it seemed to offer a new medium for being creative without being an artist but having a love for creativity. I was not disappointed! I learnt several techniques which were a lot of fun and produced a piece of art which I am proud of! I am so inspired that I would like to further explore these techniques as an art form that I feel I can really enjoy doing on my own. I also would like to say that it was a very relaxing, fulfilling & fun experience. Really recommend !!"  Bridget Hamelsmith